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Tuning Fork Chakra Set incl. case - Sonic Energy

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Tuning Fork Chakra Set incl. case - Sonic Energy

The 7-piece Tuning Fork Chakra Set from Sonic Energy offers seven different planetary tuned Tuning Forks and a matching case. The included Tuning Forks are specifically designed for use on the seven main energy centers (Chakras) of the human body.

Sonic Energy's planet-tuned tuning forks are manufactured in Germany according to Hans Cousto's calculation (The Cosmic Octave). Each tuning fork is tuned exactly to the frequency of the respective celestial body in order to achieve a therapeutic effect. The Tuning Fork Chakra Set offers all seven tunings for every chakra in one set.

  • Tuning Fork 1 Root Chakra - Muladhara - Survival - Synodic Day - 194.18 Hz / G3
  • Tuning Fork 2 Sacral Chakra - Swadhisthana - Sexuality - Synodic Moon - 210.42 Hz / G3#
  • Tuning Fork 3 Navel Chakra - Manipura - Power - Sun - 126.22 Hz / B2
  • Tuning Fork 4 Heart Chakra - Anahata - Love - Earth - 136.10 Hz / C3#
  • Tuning Fork 5 Throat Chakra - Vishuddha - Communication - Mercury - 141.27 Hz / C3#
  • Tuning Fork 6 Brow Chakra - Ajna - Intuition - Venus - 221.23 Hz / A3
  • Tuning Fork 7 Crown Chakra - Sahasrara - Spirituality - Platonic Year - 172.06 Hz / F3

Imagine you are at a concert and one of the instruments in the orchestra is so out of tune that there is no harmony with the other musicians. This scenario can also be projected onto our bodies: If one or even several areas are out of tune, blockages and illnesses can result. It is believed that the healing vibrations of Tuning Forks have the potential to strengthen the self-healing powers, can detect energetic blockages and finally remove them.

Why Tuning Fork Therapy?

Treatment with Tuning Forks is always useful when there are certain disharmonies in the body, caused by an imbalance of vibrations. This can be due to stress, environmental influences or illness. By using Tuning Forks in the appropriate frequency range on given effective points of the body, out-of-tune areas can be brought back into resonance by means of vibrations. If this succeeds, the well-being of those affected can often be increased on a physical, psychological and spiritual level.

How can I use Tuning Forks?

To activate the Tuning Fork, hold it by the cork handle and lightly strike the kneecap, wrist or any other solid surface. Immediately you will hear slight vibrations through the handle and an audible tone. Now, in order to transfer the vibrations to bones and tissues, place the Fork on different parts of the body. Which Tuning Fork you use for which blockage on which part of the body can be found in relevant literature.

Where can Tuning Forks be used?

Tuning Forks can be used in a variety of situations, whether for personal relaxation at home, during a coffee break at the office, or a professional therapy session (called sound puncture or phonophoresis). The use of Tuning Forks is not only a profoundly effective form of treatment, but can also be a powerful support in the integration of other healing modalities such as physiotherapy, psychotherapy, massage therapy and chiropractic.

Optimal vibration behavior and tuning accuracy thanks to highest precision

All Sonic Energy planetary tuned Tuning Forks are made of high-quality nickel-plated steel in Germany. During the manufacturing process, each individual Tuning Fork from Meinl Sonic Energy is ground until a uniform vibration behaviour and the highest tuning accuracy is achieved. The ergonomically shaped cork handle ensures easy and comfortable striking and holding of the Tuning Fork without negatively influencing its vibration behaviour. The softly rounded end of the Tuning Fork gives a pleasant body feeling. An engraving on the Fork arms shows the manufacturer's logo as well as the frequency and tone designation.

Important note: In no way can the use of Tuning Forks cure diseases or diagnose diseases. They are also in no way a substitute for medical or psychotherapeutic treatment or diagnosis.

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