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About us

Merlyn has existed since 2001 and is a true musical meeting place on the road to relaxation, harmony, connection and self-development.

With us you will find intuitive musical instruments for relaxation, meditation, healing, etc. Since we started in 2001, our aim has been to assist our customers in their search for a suitable instrument with personal advice and without any obligation. Many of our customers have no musical training, but still find an instrument that is easy and intuitive to play and that 'resonates' with them.

Naturally, we prefer you to come and feel and try out our instruments here in our physical shop in Erpe-Mere, but we realise that this is not always possible. That is why we have created this webshop, where we feel it is important to give you as much information about the instruments as possible.

Musical instruments

Our instruments come from all corners of the globe and have been carefully chosen and selected by us. They are often very intuitive to play and therefore do not require any previous musical knowledge. People regularly come to us to buy their very first instrument, precisely because they are so accessible to everyone (see www.merlyn.be).

‘Connecting through the Spirit of Sound & Music’

Our instruments are used for relaxation, meditation, therapy, healing, rituals & ceremonies, wellness, educational and pedagogical purposes and ... pure sound enjoyment. Besides selling instruments, we at Merlyn also organise trainings, concerts, lectures and workshops (see also www.merlyn.be). Over the past few years, we have had the pleasure of collaborating at our centre with Jai-Jagdeesh, Sudha, Kailash Kokopelli, Terry Oldfield, Mitsch Kohn, The Love Keys, Carrie Tree, Sonia Loinsworth, Pat Moffit Cook, Nestor Kornblum and Michêle Avérard, Michael Ormiston and Candida Valentino, Keruna, Roel Crabbé, Surya, Iris Pattyn, Steven Vrancken, Leki & Nicolas Mortelmans, Elisabeth De Wachter,

Thanks to our years of experience, we have been able to build up quite a bit of expertise. You can always contact us for all your questions or professional advice without any obligation. We are happy to assist you.

Our new logo

We are often asked what is the correct meaning of our new logo. Well, there is no such thing as a right meaning. Everyone gives their own meaning to it, and we love that. If you would like to share with us what you see in the logo, feel free to let us know.

Connecting heaven with earth
Lightness and centering
(Rob Engels – www.prayya.be)


2021 - Merlyn celebrates its 20th anniversary

In the beginning of July 2001 we started Merlyn on a very small scale in our then home in Asse. First with sound healing and related treatments, organising lectures, workshops and small-scale sound concerts. But slowly there was more and more demand for intuitive musical instruments. The garage was emptied step by step and in no time we had a full-fledged shop ...

Today, 20 years we look back gratefully on an adventurous journey. The big Eco-Therapeutics fairs in Leuven, the first concerts (ever !) by Terry Oldfield, our move to Erpe-Mere, the overwhelming turnout at the celebration of 10 years of Merlyn, own concerts with Peacelane, Thuya, Mousai, ... , aqua temple concerts, memorable benefit concerts with 'Hope & Dreams' and many other fellow musicians, countless workshops, trainings, concerts and meditations.

Meanwhile, our customers come not only from all corners of the country, but also from across the borders in the Netherlands and France. And since we started our webshop in late 2020, we have customers as far away as Israel, Saudi Arabia, Australia, ... .

First and foremost, we want to express our gratitude to YOU - our valued customers, colleagues, and friends - who have propelled us forward throughout these years and who have become our ambassadors. Your unwavering belief in us and your support have truly made a significant impact. We feel incredibly supported and connected by the community of like-minded people, by our 'tribe'. In these challenging times, 'connection' is more important than ever. Connection with our fellow human beings, connection with ourselves, and connection with the source. It is with this focus on "connection" that we will continue to dedicate ourselves in the upcoming years.


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