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Soprano Tongue Drum, 8 notes, F maj pentatonic

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Soprano Tongue Drum, 8 notes, F maj pentatonic

The Boing Tongue Drum - the classic

This young-at-heart classic inspires with its versatility in intuitive melody and rhythm. Hold your rhythm, change the notes and melodic patterns emerge that you can combine at will. A harmonizing invitation to relaxed improvisation!


  • Tuned in F major pentatonic
  • Tone sequence: F - G - A - C - D - F - G - A
  • Wood: lid - padouk, body - pine
  • Dimensions: 60 x 20 x 18 cm
  • Accessories: Incl. 2 mallets
  • Biologically treated with hard wax oil
  • Made in Germany

How to play

The 8 notes tuned in F major pentatonic are arranged in a sequence in which the left hand starts at the lowest note on the left, then the next note of the scale is played on the right row above with the right hand, in this manner it continues left - right - left and down again to the highest note. Arranged in this way, rhythmic playing can follow a clear sequence or experiment intuitively with timbres. Playing patterns that please are repeated, from time to time a tone breaks out and new sound fantasies are explored. Beginning as a drum with rhythmic patterns that are staggered in time, melodies slowly build up. The soprano Tongue Drum can be played with mallets as well as fingers and hands.

With the mallets, the notes can easily be struck rhythmically and clearly in succession. That is to say, one lets the rubber ball of the mallet bounce onto the tongue,holding the shaft as if to stay on the tongue, the soft rubber ball will bounce back. If you now let the bouncing rubber ball glide over several tongues, fascinating sound patterns are created, which can be combined with the simple striking of the tongues.


The 8-tone Profi-Line Tongue Drum from feeltone is the classic on the market. Finely crafted, sturdy interior, air-dried wood, cleanly tuned. The Soprano Tongue Drum is identical in construction to the two much larger models, the Tenor and the Bass-Couch-Tongue Drum. We use padouk because it has particularly good sound properties as tone wood. The selected padouk from Nigeria comes exclusively from controlled and certified cutting,which is much more expensive than padouk from unknown origin. We as a company are not certified (very bureaucratic and costly, our consumption is too low), but we can always provide the certificate of our wood supplier as proof of our certified padouk. It is already an ethical "must" for us to use only such woods. We store the wood in the open air for 2-4 years to achieve the best drying results. Industrially dried padouk is very susceptible to cracking. We make every effort to use this precious wood provided by the trees as completely as possible. So first the planks are cut for the Bass, then the Tenor, followed by the Soprano and finally the Baba and Tinka Tongs.

Finest feeltone craftsmanship made of high quality materials, lovingly manufactured from plank to tuning in the northeast of Germany by the beautiful Baltic Sea and shipped all over the world.

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