Sew Handpan Opera - B Celtic - 9 notes - Evatek hardcase included

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Sew Handpan Opera - B Celtic - 9 notes - B F# A B C# D E F# A

Inspired by the Renaissance elements and the full-bodied and sustained, wide-open sound which recalls that of an entire orchestra, Opera is born: the first Stainless in the Sew Handpan family!

Opera has a warmer sound and longer sustain than a common handpan. It is suitable for those who want to start playing this magical instrument, due to its ease of sound and better activation.

Opera is perfect for yoga and meditation, for relaxation and mindfulness.


  • Evatek hardcase: high quality protection case, made of hard material and very shockproof.
  • Sew Handpan cream for protection of your instrument
  • Pin Sew Handpan
  • Sew Handpan is backed by a 2 years warranty*

No music skills needed for this instrument, no age !

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