Maui Xaphoon - D

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Origin: USA
Material: Bamboo
Audio / video: met video
Key note: D
Moeilijkheidsgraad: *****
Type: Melody

Maui Xaphoon - D

Handmade by Xaphoon inventor Brian Wittman, this Bamboo Sax is created fresh from the rainforests of Maui, Hawaii and toasted over a fire to achieve its burnt finish. It boasts a full two octaves with a fully chromatic scale. Comes with an 8-page hand-calligraphed instruction guide.

The original Maui Xaphoon® Bamboo Sax is hand-made from bamboo, sustainably selected from the rain forests of East Maui by Xaphoon® inventor Brian L. Wittman. Sourced and manufactured in the United States.

While the vast majority of Maui Xaphoone are very similar, they are never the same. The bamboo that grows on Maui is ideal for making instruments. It is robust, withstands moisture and has very nice sound properties. The MAUI XAPHOON is suitable for travel, such as playing in a band or around the campfire. In terms of sound, it harmonizes very well with the voice, side instruments or the piano.

Each instrument is unique!

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