Lyre Harp, 8 Strings, Rosewood

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Product Details
ABO: HL8R-191
Brand: Muzikkon
Material: Hout - Rosewood
Audio / video: met video
Key note: E
No. of notes: 8
A = 432Hz: optioneel
Tunable: ja
Moeilijkheidsgraad: ***
Draagtas: inbegrepen

Lyre Harp, 8 Strings, Rosewood

This 8-string Lyre Harp is only 40cm in size, making it very handy to take with you. The sound is clear yet soft and therefore very suitable for accompanying storytellers, use in music or sound therapy, to support songs and chants or during sound relaxation.

The compact instrument can easily be held in your hand or placed on your lap.

Comes with a set of spare strings, a tuning key and a nylon carrying case.

  • Solid Rosewood Body
  • Solid Spruce soundboard with 2 Openings
  • 8 metal strings
  • Rosewood Bridge
  • Height: 40cm
  • Includes Nylon carrying bag , Extra set of strings and Tuning tool
  • Tuning:
    • An authentic tuning derived from Judaic worship music, starting with the bass (largest strings) tune as follows: E F G# A B C D E (Ahava Raba mode)
    • Misheberakh mode which is (E F# G A# B C# D E)
    • E F# G A B C D E (Natural minor) and D E F# G A B C D (E is tonic) - note: in the second tuning, all the notes are the same but you're starting on D rather than E.

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