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Meinl Handpan Protectant

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Handpan Deluxe Oil - 100ml

Deluxe Oil is an oil especially designed for handpan care and the maintenance of other metal instruments like steel tongue drums, etc. . Easy to dose and to apply thanks to its spray, it ensures an excellent protection against rust.

Thanks to its natural and durable ingredients, Deluxe Oil provides an antibacterial effect, cleans the surface, forms a protective layer against corrosion and makes your instrument shine again.

This oil is used daily by Metal Sounds in its workshops to protect the instruments. It does not contain any aggressive or dangerous substances and is safe for your health and skin.

A few sprays carefully and evenly distributed over the instrument are sufficient to clean and protect it permanently. If you practice regularly and are in a humid environment, we recommend applying this oil once a week with a soft cloth and only for this purpose. If you play from time to time and your instrument is stored in a dry place, one or two applications per month are sufficient.

High quality natural fluid oil.

Content: 100 ml bottle.

How to apply Deluxe Oil:

Using a microfibre cloth, spread the care product evenly in a circular motion on the outside of the instrument (on the dome and bottom). Wipe or wash your hands after application and allow time for the steel to absorb the liquid well (duration varies depending on the percussion, the amount of oil applied and drying conditions). The instrument must be dry before being played or stored in its case.

Note: 3 or 4 times a year, clean the handpan with a clean, dry cloth soaked in 70° or 90° alcohol. This will remove any dirt embedded in the metal before applying Deluxe Oil and restore maximum sound quality.


  • Apply to Nitrided steels, heat-treated steels and stainless steels
  • Spray contenance is 100ml
  • Orange scent
  • 100% biodagradable
  • 100% vegan
  • Eco-friendly and earth friendly
  • Skin compatible (do not drink)

Regulatory information on the bottle: Non-hazardous product. Classification according to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008. Do not drink and keep out of reach of children. Use as indicated on the label.

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