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Shruti Box in C - Paloma - large - teak

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Shruti Box in C - Paloma - large - teak

The shrutibox Paloma large is a heavier box with a particularly balanced, warm, full sound and unmatched dynamic range. The unique bamboo look, silk mat surfaces and fine workmanship make this a truly exquisite instrument

The large frame provides a much larger bellows volume as compared to smaller models, which permits an accurate dosing of air supply. Triple bellows on both sides give it an even bigger bellows volume than the large shrutibox from Monoj Kumar Sardar. In this way, the sound can be kept constant without any effort or prior practice even when up to four notes are played simultaneously. Moreover, the volume can be varied wider and finer than in any other of our shrutiboxes – from whispering tender and low to constantly powerful loud. The larger resonating chamber provides for a somewhat fuller overall sound. Despite its larger dimensions and heaviness, Paloma’s shrutibox large can still be taken around easily. Only if you have to carry a lot of other stuff and if you are travelling by public transport or by foot, shape and weight might become inconvenient. Including a carry bag.

Size: 40,5 x 30,5 x 6,5 cm
Weight: 3,3 kg

Paloma is the international brand name for instruments from Haribhau Vishwanath. This manufacturer resides in Mumbai (formerly Bombay) and was established in 1925 as a small repair shop. In the past decades Haribhau Vishwanath has developed into one of India's leading harmonium makers. In addition they also produce some string and percussion instruments. Thanks to a good infrastructure and a long experience in the craft and in international shipping Haribhau is able to supply all common harmonium models at a constantly high level of workmanship. Furthermore Haribhau takes pride in coming up with new ideas and inventions like the harmonium Compactina and the wax treatment of instruments' surfaces.

ATTENTION! This is the sound of a shrutibox with a buzzing reed. This can happen to any shrutibox at any time.
Luckily, it can easily be fixed. For shrutiboxes bought at our Merlyn store we give lifetime warranty on buzzing reeds
Shrutiboxes not bought in our shop can be fixed too, but not under warranty.

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