Woodstock Jade Chime

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ABO: JC-142
Merk: Woodstock Chimes
Oorsprong: China
Materiaal: Metaal
Audio / video: met geluidsfragment en video
Aantal noten: 4
Moeilijkheidsgraad: *
Gebruik: Binnen & buiten
Type: Melodie
Geschikt voor kinderen: ja
Vegan: ja

Woodstock Jade Chime - G C D G

The enchanting sound of this wind chime is the result of a special tuning using the Golden Ratio. This ratio, discovered by the ancient Greeks, can be found throughout nature.

Green jade is a sacred stone of Asia and comes in a variety of shades from creamy sea foam to deep emerald. Jade was often used for buttons, beads and other decorations. Green contains the powerful energies of nature, growth and a desire to expand your horizons. We blended jade-colored stones with other accents to create this beautiful windchime. Let our Jade Chime help to promote change growth and balance in your life.

  • Green wash finish ash wood
  • Four square satin green aluminum tubes
  • Stone accents
  • Overall Length: 22 inches • Diameter: 4 inches

Exclusive design by Woodstock Chimes - USA
Made in China - this product was produced in a modern facility by workers earning fair wages and under humane working conditions.

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