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Animal Skins vs. Synthetic World Percussion Heads:

Historically, traditional drums such as shaman drums or ceremonial drums, djembe, conga and bongo heads are made with animal rawhide skins. These have worked very well for many years and are still used on many manufactured drums. Listed are a few main drawbacks when using animal rawhide skin drumheads.

  • They are very sensitive to moisture; at the beach, in the forset, on a rainy or foggy day, they get loose causing the sound of the drum to drop in pitch.
  • When it’s hot and dry the animal rawhide skin will tighten causing the pitch to tune up and can sometimes split the head.
  • It can be frustrating having to continually re-tune a drum (if tunable at all) when exposed to heat or moisture.

REMO® Inc. is continuing to break new ground in drumhead film technologies and head replacements for the traditional drum set as well as the revolutionary discoveries for congas, bongos, djembes and a multitude of other hand percussion instruments.



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