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O'Carolan Celtic Harp, 12 String, Rosewood


O'Carolan Celtic Harp, 12 String, Rosewood

Inspired from Turlough O'Carolan’s modification to the traditional Harp, these O'Carolan Harps are some of the most basic and easy to learn harps available. Their short stature and unique playing style where the harpist can place them on their thighs while sitting on a chair and run their other hands across the whole length quite easily gave harps much fame during Turlough O'Carolan’s harp playing years and made a mark on music history for centuries to come.

Muzikkon specializes in these beautiful and compact harps and have introduced a very basic affordable range or prices that suit new learners’ perfectly and even younger harpists can get the feel of this beautiful music instrument efficiently training them for the much larger and more complex style of harps.

All of Muzikkon’s O’Carolan Harps are beautiful and elegant and are available in different colors and wood type selection. These can easily be placed in living rooms to provide their beautiful designs as decorative items when not being used and can be instantly picked up by harpists to produce the charming music whenever required.

The strings are threaded through a tuning pin and tuned from the reverse side with the help of a Chromatic tuner (Cmajor tuning C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C).

  • A Solid Rosewood frame and Ashwood soundboard
  • 12 DuPont hard nylon strings for diatonic scale
  • Beautiful carvings
  • Note Range (F4 - C6)
  • Incl. nylon gig bag, extra string set and tuning key
  • Weight: 1860 gr
  • Length: 53,34cm - Height: 15,88cm - Width: 30,48cm
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