HAPI Slim - C Major

Art.nr. 00000

HAPI Slim - C Major

Our HAPI drums are ideal for jamming and playing percussive beats. The note layout makes it easy to jump right into grooving rhythms. An intuitive arrangement to the notes allows a carefree exploration of new musical horizons. The strong meditative tones are calming and great for relaxing anytime. The unique tone of the HAPI drum is created by a tuned vibrating tongue of steel. The concept is similar to a wooden tongue drum. When a tongue is quickly and lightly struck with the finger or mallet it vibrates creating sound waves. By changing the shape and length of the tongue optimal vibration and perfect tone is achieved. By arranging the notes in our unique way each note when struck excites surrounding notes that are musically compatible with it. This adds to the harmonic spectrum of the tone. Rather than just one tone we can now create a spectrum of supporting sound for each note. The tone is similar to singing bowls or musical bells which create multiple harmonic overtones. The body of the drum acts as a resonating chamber adding depth to the note.

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