HAPI Aura - B Akebono (432Hz)

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HAPI Aura - B Akebono 432Hz - B3 C#4 D4 F#4 G4 B4 C#5 D5

Our 432Hz Drum is used for yoga, meditation and music therapy to help ease the mind and relax the body. Discover a natural way to find calm, any time of the day. Its soothing sound will help your body and mind to unwind bringing you to a state of tranquility day or night. Meditation is known to reduce stress and anxiety. It promotes emotional health and a stronger understanding of yourself. Focus on the present. Reduce negative emotions. Increase your imagination and creativity.

Drumming meditation:

Set aside time for yourself and sit in a comfortable and relaxed area, away from distractions. Begin drumming a slow beat with total reflection. Your only attention is on your drumming; focus on the way your hands move, the way your arms lift, feel the vibration of your hands or mallets on the drum. If a thought comes to mind for analysis, don't get upset and fight it, simply return your concentration to the drum and your playing technique. When you begin to notice a sense of oneness with the drum, feel free to change your rhythm or add beats to it, and as your contemplation deepens, nothing will exist except the drum and you. Imagine your unique mark on the world, of what lies ahead, and the discoveries beyond where you are now. When you feel your meditation is complete, stop drumming and have a slow and gentle stretch. You will notice how refreshed and invigorated you feel. Your mind cleared from the clutter of too many thoughts.

Our HAPI 432 Drum has a sleek design and can be carried with one hand. It is recommended for beginner, intermediate and advanced players. Our patented eight note tongue layout adds harmonic tones to each note when played. The bottom port lets the sound out to fill the room. Isolating rubber feet located on the bottom of the drum allow it to be set on any surface for play.

toonaard B (with A = 432Hz)
stemming akebono pentatonic
noten B3 - C#4 - D4 - F#4 - G4 - B4 - C#5 - D5
herkomst India
materiaal staal
diameter Ø 25 cm (10") - 12,5cm high
gewicht (netto) 2500 gr
inbegrepen padded travel bag, 1 pair of mallets
aandachtspunt Let op dat u de Hapi niet harder aanslaat dan nodig, als u met mallets speelt. Door te hard te slaan kan u de HAPI ontstemmen.

Opgelet: de kleur van de HAPI in deze video is niet correct. De juiste kleur is weergegeven op de afbeeldingen hierboven.

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