Remo Buffalo Drum Bahia Ø 40cm

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Détails du produit
ABO: E11316BE-17
Marque: Remo
Origine: USA
Matériel: Kunststof
Diamètre (cm): 40
Audio / video: avec extrait sonore + vidéo
Moeilijkheidsgraad: *
Gebruik: Binnen & buiten
Type: Ritme
Vegan: ja
Draagtas: optioneel
Mallets / kloppers: inbegrepen

Remo Buffalo Drum Bahia - Black Earth

The Remo Buffalo Drum Bahia - Black Earth features a low-frequency bass tone that is found in many traditional drums from Africa, Brazil and the indigenous cultures of the Americas. Constructed with the vinyl Bahia Bass fixed pre-tuned drumhead with Remo’s patented Acousticon® (1) drum shells, the Bahia Bass Buffalo Drum provides excellent projection and enhanced low-pitched fundamentals which are ideal for recreational, educational and wellness applications.

The Bahia Bass Buffalo Drum produces the same tonal characteristics found in traditional wood shells. Equipped with a rope handle and mallet, they will maintain their pitch while being played in virtually any weather environment.

diameter 40cm
materiaal - Vinyl Bahia fixed pre-tuned drumhead
- Remo’s patented Acousticon® drum shells
klank - Excellent projection and enhanced low-pitched fundamentals
- Features a low-frequency bass tone
gebruik Ideal for recreational, educational and wellness applications
gewicht (netto) 932 gr
inbegrepen 1 drum klopper

(1) Acousticon® is an advanced, specially developed wood-based drum shell material that offers the highly sought after sonic qualities of wood along with the added benefits of consistency, stability, durability, and value. Acousticon® drum shells are hand manufactured with 100% recycled wood fiber.


decorated by Lise Orye

if you'd like to have your vegan drum decorated (not included), please contact Lise at or by phone on +32 (0)477 37 18 63

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