Native American Style fluit - G - Maple

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ABO: PRGM01-177
Origine: Belgique
Matériel: Maple
Audio / video: avec extrait sonore
Note clé: G
Moeilijkheidsgraad: ***
Type: Mélodie
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Native American Style fluit - G - Maple

Handcrafted Native American Style Flute in Maple wood with details in Padauk. The voice of this Maple flute is very clear and strong. It feels radiant and bright. The price of this flute includes a handmade flute bag.


– 6-Hole pentatonic concert tuning
– Includes chromatic scale fingering chart
– Base note: G4 with A = 440Hz
– Finishing: 100% Natural shellac & bees wax
– Ø 22mm single bore design (outer Ø 31mm)
– Length: 53cm


Maple is a fine grained wood of considerable hardness. It has a nice warm tone that is velvety, robust and full-bodied.

The basic color of Maple is white or cream colored, with the grain markings being a rich brown. Maple, especially the more ornamental and aesthetic varieties, are favorites of Native American Style Flute makers.

The name Curly maple refers to the ripples in the grain pattern that create a three dimensional effect that appears as if the grain has “curled” along the length of the board.


This flute comes with a flute bag, handmade to perfectly match your instrument.

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