Sew Handpan Maestro - D Minor Kurd - 9 notes

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Sew Handpan Maestro - D Minor Kurd - 9 notes - D A Bb C D E F G A

“MAESTRO”, the basic line perfect for beginners. The 1.00mm metal sheet gives a balanced timbre and tuning stability. If you are a passionate Handpan lover, this is the series for you! These handpans still have the same architecture and design as our other series but at a more affordable price. The ring is in plastic and the metal sheet is thinner than the more professional Opera line or the Woodpan.

Balanced timbre, exceptional tuning stability, sensitivity and strength note, rust resistance.

If you are a beginner, this handpan is a good choice for a very interesting price!


  • Evatek hardcase: high quality protection case, made of hard material and very shockproof.
  • Sew Handpan cream for protection of your instrument
  • Pin Sew Handpan
  • Sew Handpan is backed by a 2 years warranty*

No music skills needed for this instrument, no age !

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