Nova dubbele fluit - F# - Spanish Cedar

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Product Details
ABO: 105NV-26
Brand: High Spirits Flutes
Origin: USA
Material: Spanish Cedar
Audio / video: met video
Key note: F#
Key: Minor
Moeilijkheidsgraad: ***
Type: Melody
Draagtas: optioneel

Nova dubbele fluit - Spanish Cedar - F#

The High Spirits Double Flutes are as easy to play as the Single Flutes, they take just a little bit more breath. With a double flute you play the melody on one side and the other side provides the drone in the root note of the flute - it sounds like two people are playing.

Our Nova double flutes are handcrafted from domestic Spanish Cedar, which gives them a warm, full musical voice.

The dimensions for this flute are: 17-inches long (43.2 cm) by 2.25-inches wide (5.7 cm) by 1.25 deep (3.2 cm)

Our Double Flutes have two mouthpieces so you can play it as a double flute or a single flute instantly. The flute is tuned in the key of 'F#' minor and can also be played in the relative major diatonic scale in the key of 'A'.

This flute is a good accompaniment to any of our other Traditional Flutes (440 Hz) tuned in the key of 'F#' minor.

Each flute includes Odell's FREE 'How-To-Play' Instructional Materials which comes with: printed instructional booklet with fingering charts as well as an instructional DVD with both Odell's Beginner and Intermediate tutorial videos.

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