Native American Style fluit - F# (432Hz) - Padouk

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Origin: Belgium
Material: Padouk
Audio / video: with sound sample
Key note: F#
A = 432Hz: ja
Moeilijkheidsgraad: ***
Type: Melody
Draagtas: inbegrepen

Native American Style fluit - Padouk - F# - 432Hz


– 6-Hole pentatonic tuning
– Includes chromatic scale fingering chart
– Base note: F

# with A = 432Hz
– Finishing: 100% Natural shellac & bees wax
– Ø 22mm single bore design
– Length: 55cm


The brilliant Padauk tree is an exotic hardwood tree found in Asia and Africa. Padauk wood has a very bright red/orange color, that fades over time into a warm brown color with beautiful natural drawings. It is popular for instrument building thanks to its aesthetic characteristics and its exceptional stability.

Padauk wood is very strong and durable, and has excellent resistance against funghi. Its voice character is warm and bright and works very well for all keys.


This flute comes with a flute bag, handmade to perfectly match your flute.

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