'I See You' Oracle Cards by Mira Mira

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'I See You' Oracle Cards by Mira Mira

This Oracle Deck, created by Mira from Belgium, originated from her fantasy and the love to draw Sacred Geometry.

The insights come from making such drawings and it soon became clear that there is more to it than just a 'few circles and squares'. They are all gates to those other worlds, the invisible ... . Each gate has a name, a shape, a color ... and changes with your feelings. A small miracle!

Each of the 44 cards is designed intuitively and drawn by hand, without the help of any technology. They are not perfect, but that is why they are so perfect.

I wish you many insights, lessons and wisdom.

Feel the energy when opening tghis box and be amazed by these mira-cles!

A guidebook is included to explain each card. The rigid box, oracle cards and guidebook are all crafted in Italy in ecological approach by Ludocards.com. Together with all of you we look after our planet earth💚

Language: English

More about Mira Mira @ www.mira-mira.be

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