Harmonium - Bina Kirtan Premium mini - dark red

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Harmonium - Bina Kirtan Premium mini - dark red

The Bina Kirtan Premium mini is a smaller version of the Kirtan Premium model which is particularly suitable for travelling. The simple construction makes it inexpensive and sturdy, high-quality double reeds provide a full, warm sound and for its small size it has an amazingly good sustain. A good choice for beginners as well as for ambitious kirtan singers.

With the Kirtan Premium Mini, the outer bellows are firmly attached and do not have to be opened and secured with hooks. This makes the entire folding mechanism considerably less sensitive and easier to operate. When folded, the entire instrument is protected in an integrated sturdy wooden box.


  • 32 simple stick keys
  • range of two and a half octaves from F to C
  • two reeds per note in middle and low register
  • xxRange low register C2 - F5, middle register C3 - F6
  • two stops for separate or joint playing of middle and low register
  • two drone stops for continuous tones C, G
  • side-opening bellows with multiple folds
  • removable cover plate with sliding opening (Jali)
  • folding mechanism for lowering into the built-in box case
  • including padded carrying bag
  • cabinet and case made of solid pine wood
  • Dimensions: height 21cm, width 47,5cm depth 38 cm, weight 9,4 kg

Pine wood is the first choice for harmoniums around Delhi and in North Western India. It is much softer than teak wood, which is more common in Mumbai and Calcutta. Therefore pinewood harmoniums often get little dents or scratches during manufacturing, storage or transit to Europe. Such marks are a natural property of the wood and can not be seen as flaws or defects.

Each instrument is individually hand-crafted and might differ from our description (e.g. in colour or ornamentation).

BINA was founded by Gian Singh in Delhi in 1935 and is one of the most renowned harmonium makers worldwide nowadays. The son of Gian Singh, Avtar Singh, and his two sons J.P.Singh and Daljit Singh are running the business today. Bina has a big workshop in Old Delhi and is running several retail stores under their name. Bina is able to make high quality instruments, but is also committed to large scale production of simple instruments.

Want to LEARN how to play the HARMONIUM?
Here is a link to the Happy Hippo Harmonium YouTube channel. Enjoy ...

Happy Hippo Harmonium

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