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Chacapa - Bamboo Leaves

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Chacapa - Bamboo Leaves

Chacapa - also known as Shakapa, Chakapa, Chacarpa or Huaira Sacha - is a ritual leaf rattle that is used in Amazonian healing rituals along with shaman drums, rattles, mouth arches, feathers, tobacco and songs.

As their sound is reminiscent of the murmur of the mighty treetops of the forest and their movements allow the air to circulate gently, they carry the "wind of the forest" within them. This makes these leaf tufts particularly suitable for wind or air rituals. Our Chacapas can also be used in healing work and sound therapy. Evenly beaten or shaken, the rhythm also supports trance journeys, can be used for energetic massages or also for sweat lodge ceremonies.

The sound of our Chacapas has similarities to the percussion brush used in jazz, which is often played on snare drums and which produces the rustling sound typical for the Chacapa. The sound of this ritual instrument unfolds very finely and intensively, allowing imaginative improvisation and creative performing.

Our Bamboo Chacapa is a hand-made product and can therefore deviate slightly from the picture.

Origin Belgium
Material Bamboo
Length approx. 45 - 50cm
Weight ± 60 gr

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