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The Shakuhashi Yuu - ‘Yuu’ – At Ease, Calm, Serene, Composed, Victorious and Eternal

The shakuhachi flute is an ancient instrument; known and appreciated for its mystical sound and expressiveness. Originally, the shakuhachi was used as a spiritual tool to relax the mind and body. Today, the shakuhachi is used for this same meditative purpose and for playing a wide variety of modern music as well.

Designed by a world famous Japanese musician in 1976, the 1.8 size Shakuhachi Yuu is a quality, well tuned instrument, available at an affordable price for anyone who wants to play shakuhachi.

With its precision bore design, the Shakuhachi Yuu plays easily, with a clear, bright and confident tone. The Yuu has good sound quality, accurate musical intervals, and excellent tonal balance throughout the entire musical scale.

The Shakuhachi Yuu is a perfect student shakuhachi for beginning players who want to experience the shakuhachi without spending a lot of money. There are also many advanced shakuhachi players and teachers around the world who enjoy having a Yuu in their collection as well.

One of the best things about the ABS Resin Shakuhachi Yuu is that it does not require maintenance like bamboo! You can take this flute with you wherever you go—traveling to foreign countries, hiking, backpacking, to the beach or desert—all without the slightest fear of the instrument being damaged.

The Shakuhachi Yuu will withstand any weather conditions, you can even play it in your bath or in a hot tub under the stars! The Shakuhachi Yuu feels very similar to professional bamboo instruments in terms of its size, shape, and weight. It is extremely rugged in its construction and disassembles easily for travel.

Please do not let the fact that the Shakuhachi Yuu is made from ABS plastic resin fool you or turn you away from owning one. The Shakuhachi Yuu is an excellent instrument, endorsed by numerous teachers and players, and the Yuu performs as well as some of the more expensive professional bamboo shakuhachi!

  • An affordable and quality shakuhachi flute for beginners and advanced players.
  • Plays easily, with a clear, bright and confident tone. Excellent tuning, sound quality, tonal balance, and accurate musical intervals.
  • Weatherproof and virtually indestructible, take it with you anywhere!
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