Eagle Bone flute - 11cm

ABO: 180-26
Oorsprong: USA
Materiaal: Porselein
Diameter (cm): 2
Audio / video: met video
Grondtoon: D
Moeilijkheidsgraad: ***
Type: Melodie

Eagle Bone flute - 11cm

From antiquity, eagle bone flutes were played as sacred ceremonial instruments evoking wonder and reverence. The Eagle Bone Flute is played all over the world; from the Tadjik Herdsmen of Central Asia to the indigenous cultures of the Americas.

This ceramic replica of an Eagle Bone whistle has 3 fingering holes and a sweet, melodic musical voice. The flute is modelled in clay from the leg bone of the Harpy Eagle, the largest and most powerful eagle in the world. We offer this flute as a way to invoke the eagle in prayer and song lifting the spirits of all who hear it.

This instrument gives a traditional Native American scale also known as minor pentatonic. Improvisation is easy in this scale as every note combination sounds beautifully. The cord necklace is included.

The flute is approximately 11 cm long.
The Eagle Bone does not include any instructional materials such as tapes or booklets.

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